What are good earplugs?

Jacket, check. Gloves, check. Scarf, check! When it’s cold out, we wear warm clothes, obviously. In the mornings and before we go to bed, we brush our teeth. Day in, day out. In summertime, your skin heats up and we grab our sunscreens to protect our skin. We do this without thinking about it. What about our ears, what do we do for them? How do we protect our ears from loud sounds? The answer to this is easy: by protecting your ears with the right earplugs. These earplugs should fit and feel comfy, without falling out or irritating you. They should be made out of the right products, sustainable and non-ear damaging. And mostly, these earplugs shouldn’t block sounds, then you’ll want to throw them out. They should give you pure sounds while protecting your ears.

Many common sounds are louder than you think, and your ears are more fragile than you’d think. They need protection. Earproof has been the number one brand for ear protection in the music- and entertainment industry, providing many DJ’s with custom earplugs, such as Martin Garrix and Oliver Heldens. And in the underground scene, Seth Troxler, Richie Hawtin and Nina Kraviz, are all keeping their ears safe with Earproof. Over the years, Earproof has served many clients and hosted their booth at several events and festivals. For Earproof, it’s most important to create awareness around tinnitus and protection for your ears, while still listening to those pure sounds. Listen to your ears and treat yourself with quality. 

Comfy earplugs

Earproof provides earplugs, custom or generic, for each sound lover. The earplugs have a universal fit, suitable for 99% of the users. You’re probably wondering how these earplugs fit your ear as well as your big brother or tiny grandma? The earplugs of Earproof are made of memory foam and TPI, a well-known material in the medical world. The memory foam will adjust itself to your ears and for this reason, these earplugs will feel comfortable in your ears. You’ll even forget you are wearing them. The skin in your ear canal is extremely thin and sensitive. Between the skin and bone in your ear, there is no fat or muscle tissue and so it’s important to have the right fit and right material inside your ears. Especially if you’re wearing them for multiple hours, while dancing until the sun rises.

Sustainable and eco-friendly earplugs

In today’s world we shouldn’t focus on disposable items that are harmful for our environment. People might choose for cheap foam earplugs. It’s cheap! Why not?

In the long hall these earplugs are bad for our environment and won’t protect your ears properly. Earproof believes in ecological products and so they invest in eco-friendly packaging as well as sustainable products that can be used frequently. The packaging of Earproof is sustainable and these earplugs aren’t disposable, but reusable. If you take care of these earplugs, cleaning them after wearing them for hours, these earplugs can be used for years. With the aluminum key container, you can keep the earplugs safe and sound in your container. Attach them to your keys and never forget them! At a party, a loud bar or at the movies with the sound turned up? No worries, you’ve got your Earproof plugs with you!

Your city, your sounds, your ears

To Earproof your hearing is most important. But you don’t want earplugs that don’t feel right, that fall out or that muffle the sound. If you buy earplugs, it’s essential to get earplugs with a filter. Many types of earplugs will not protect your hearing enough or will mute all sounds to the max. Sounds will be distorted and flat. Earproof has a variety of earplugs, with each filter acoustically tested. The filter gives a damping of sounds, through which you’ll still hear pure sounds while protecting your ears. Quality never goes out of style. The smartest way to listen to sounds is by using qualitative earplugs. Once you’ve lost your hearing, you’ll never get it back. Let’s listen to our ears and treat them with quality. Protecting your ears was never so easy!

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