We’re over the moon: 5 star reviews for Earproof earplugs from Gearslutz :-)

Gearslutz, the number 1 website for professionals in the audio business, reviewed 3 different Earproof products. The Rockit, the Earproof Concert 15db and our PRO filters Platinum 15db. Each received an overall score of 5 starts (out of 5). Read more about the reviews in this blog.

Gearslutz on the Earproof Rockit: “Very good for this price and a marked improvement over standard earplugs.”

  • Attenuate -15 dB whilst maintaining linearity rather than muffling as a standard earplug would do
  • High-quality device and well-designed
  • Bit fiddly but manageable. Getting a good air seal is key to success.
  • Super-easy to use (squeeze the foam/insert).
  • Comfortable to use to the point of becoming unnoticeable
  • In terms of recyclability the Rockit offers much more than single-use and is certainly less costly than treating ear damage

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Gearslutz on the Earproof Concert: “Polaroid sunglasses for the ears. The vision (music) is more coherent, has less glare; colours and contrast are more discernible.

  • A great investment in your ears and future hearing
  • Not just about preventing damage but also making music more enjoyable in difficult environments.
  • Membrane design lets the ear ‘breathe’ and reduces heat build-up
  • The attenuation overrides the instinctive Lombard Effect. You’ll be less wrinkly-looking from grimacing and shouting
  • Medical-grade TPE and high-quality and well-designed components
  • Need to estimate ear size correctly. Comfortable for long use. Discrete.
  • Easy to clean and store but perhaps important to remember which earplug is used for each ear
  • Handy container

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Gearslutz on the PRO filters Platinum 15db: “Protects hearing and improves performance in high SPL.”

  • Quite a mature technology and the design and materials assist in keeping a balanced sound image with attenuation but without an uneven frequency response.
  • The ear’s natural defences from loud sound are not as active. The high SPL experience is closer to regular perception of a lower-level reference sound.
  • Reduce Acoustic Reflex – the unconscious mechanism by which the human body protects the ears
  • ‘Vacuum seal’ design counteracts the Occlusion Effect
  • Good, simple design that works with both the ear and the sound.
  • The sonic differences between the Rockit, Concert, and PRO are reflected in their prices 

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